Wilbur’s SCM Application Development and Management (SCM-ADM) services provide full life cycle SCM application management from strategy to custom SCM application development, to ongoing SCM application maintenance and support.

Wilbur's optimistic structure and process design allows you to evaluate better approach to customized application development, and use Wilbur's services in strategic staffing for fixed-deliverable SCM projects, or as a managed service.

With Wilbur’s Custom SCM Application Development and Management services, you can:

  • Increase the agility and responsiveness of your Manufacturing output
  • Improve the quality and adaptability of your Manufacturing
  • Improve operational efficiency through streamlined processes, fewer defects and increased productivity
  • Strategically reduce your cost of application maintenance, management, development and support
  • Expand productivity by redeployment of key resources on higher value SCM projects and initiatives

Because of our client-focused approach, we customize our application development and management solutions to fit your organization, and help you achieve your business goals.

Wilbur Application Development & Management Solutions

  • Wilbur Momentum Transformation Accelerator
  • Wilbur Agile and ASAP Enterprise Transformation
  • Wilbur Application Modernization & Optimization
  • Wilbur Custom Application Development

Wilbur Application Development & Management Expertise

  • Advanced Information Technology Infrastructure & Knowledge Center (ITKC)
  • Certified Project Management & ERP SAP professionals (PMI, Lean Manufacturing, APICS, Six Sigma)
  • Professional ERP SAP consultants with mature experience levels
  • Dedicated Manufacturing industry focused Global Service Centers - Domestic and Offshore