Hired by Wilbur is a national executive search team specializing in identifying exceptional talent for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. With a full array of recruiting services, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by offering the most powerful recruiting resources available in today’s marketplace. Our comprehensive knowledge of how to source and interview candidates effectively is backed by our proven track record of introducing talented individuals to stable growing firms and getting candidates on the payroll quickly.

To create a customized recruiting program for each of our clients that sources the highest caliber candidates in the fastest and most efficient manner possible, resulting in the placement of talent that far exceeds our clients’ expectations.

To bring your company the best possible talent, Wilbur understands your individual needs and designs strategic recruiting campaigns tailored to meet those needs. In addition, we bring you the latest, leading-edge tools to leverage all possible resources. You’ll be able to take advantage of our proprietary database, social media and Internet-based recruiting technologies as well as a number of traditional recruiting tools. This guarantees that we will find you top talent quickly, efficiently and without pain or hassle.

Better Approach

Imagine having a one day dedicated to interviewing pre-screened candidates for a position you need to fill immediately. Welcome to One Day, your hiring team will simply show up and start interviewing candidates quickly and efficiently so you can fill the position as soon as possible—easily and without hassle. The Wilbur Team will coordinate the meeting rooms, times and candidates so you can focus on getting the job filled right away with the best possible candidate.

High volume – Large team recruiting

If you find yourself overwhelmed when undertaking high-volume or large-team recruiting, let Wilbur put your mind at ease with our High Volume recruiting service. We can hire large groups of talent across the country or in one specific location. Take advantage of our nationwide search capabilities—we guarantee that our recruiting tools will deliver results. If you’re seeking a high volume of exceptional talent, let us put our proven methods to work for you today. Don’t get overwhelmed— Wilbur ensures your high volume hiring challenge will be met with ease.