If your organization does not have the experience with the Supply Chain business process implementation or Roll-Out, you are advised to seek assistance from experts or a organization that has the skills, experienced resources and has successfully completed many Supply Chain Management projects.

If the Supply Chain Process & Management is very new to your organization,Wilbur SAP Group (WSG) proposes as a start, a one week workshop covering the following subjects:

  • 1. SAP Supply Chain Management overview and how it impacts the business
  • 2. How to start and resource a Supply Chain Management project
  • 3. Review good practices for running a good Supply Chain Management project.
  • 4. Techniques on Supply Chain Data Conversion
  • 5. Integration of the resulting configuration with other Supply Chain applications.
  • 6. Review visualization options.
  • 7. Determine education and training requirements and timing.
  • 8. Mobile initiative and goals.
  • 9. Remote Support during and after the Supply Chain project

Wilbur SAP Group (WSG) will provide Supply Chain Practice documents to cover in a one week session but it offers your organization a best informed approach to starting a Supply Chain Management project. It will require a full day and we ask for and plan on your company functional leads for product, customer support, engineering, manufacturing, sales and IT. This type of workshop is held at your facility and the face-to-face contact is very important. We have the skills and experience to get you started and take you through all the phases of an implementation.

If your company is just starting or contemplating starting a SAP Supply Chain Management project, Contact Us