Wilbur's Best Practices packages provide a solid foundation for SAP SCM solutions. Wilbur Best Practices address the business needs of Clients better than any other. SAP SCM Best Practices packages are developed to help companies of all sizes benefit from proven best practices defined for a wide range of processes and topics which can be leveraged to rapidly ensure a quick return on investment.

Based on Wilbur's experience with the world's top manufacturing companies, our consultants will work with your company to apply best practices in areas ranging from operational and organizational improvement to software selection and change management.

Wilbur's SCM Best Practices include clear methodologies and step-by-step approaches. Every package has extensive reusable documentation for self-study, evaluation, as well as for SCM project team and business user training. Wilbur's SCM Best Practices provide complete pre-configuration settings that give you everything you need to run specific key processes with minimal installation effort.

Wilbur's SCM Best Practices Baseline package provides a comprehensive and flexible SCM business process response to business needs with built in support for best practices.

Wilbur's SCM Best Practices industry packages are designed to meet industry-specific needs.