Wilbur's SCM Process Documentation solution has a new way of directing your day-in and day-out documentation management. SCM Process Documentation solution has specific functions for establishing global templates and support implementations, and for rolling out template-based projects.

SCM Process Documentation Solution templates are designed with the special “template project” type. Once the template along with all its documentation and business processes has been established, you can use it as a basis for future projects and initiatives. To understand the basic template concept see “Templates in SCM Process Documentation Solution”.

The template contains a predefined set of standards, business processes, and documentation. Each implementation or rollout projects are allowed to use the SCM Process documentation Solution. These templates might also be tailored to meet your local needs.

While projects are underway, the template owner receives constant feedback about what changes or improvements to consider. This constant stream of feedback helps to make the template a more valuable resource for future projects. The process always reflects the current version of the business process model and therefore ensures that the template itself doesn’t become outdated.

SCM Process Documentation Solution captures all the implementation or upgrade information about the project. You can tailor the SCM project type to the type of information that you want to capture in it. The SCM project type also represents the kind of initiative that you are supporting, whether it’s implementation, upgrade, maintenance, or template. Once a SCM project is created and the scenarios, business processes, and business-process steps are set up in SCM Process documentation Solution , you can assign a lot of details to each business process or step. You can assign anything from transactions, to documentation, to user roles, to training materials, and even to configuration and development information.

You assign documents by creating a new document directly in SCM Process documentation Solution , uploading a copy of an existing document from your system, or creating a Web link to a document that is stored and managed outside SCM Process documentation Solution . You classify other information, such as transactions, user roles, configuration, and development objects, and list them by business process or business-process step on a special “key.” SCM Process documentation Solution provides various “keys” on which it creates and stores all these assignments.