Workshops support discussion and a collaboration of ideas thus encouraging creativity. Workshops work well when ideas need to be generated and combined Workshops provide a corporate view when there are representatives from various industry domains. Wilbur offers workshops in SAP Supply Chain Management catering to various industry domains. Our Workshops can be customized to the needs of corporate organizations where they can request for a workshop on the required SAP Supply Chain Management Module. Wilbur also offers a series of workshops that build on one another. Wilbur Workshops are led by highly competent industry drawn IT experts who impart the best training and share their real time knowledge with the participants. One of the best features of our workshops is a small instructor-participant ratio which enables the participant and instructor to have maximum interaction.

The workshops are supported with lab exercises and materials which enables the participants to have practical experience. Our Workshops are conducted for short periods aimed at different sections of working/non working IT professionals thus making it convenient for them to update their knowledge without much interference of their daily job activities. Weekend workshops are conducted to cater to the requirements of IT professionals staying at other parts of the country.

Features of Wilbur Workshop:
  • Highly qualified professional team of experts
  • Well defined Course structure to meet the training requirements of the participants
  • Support discussion and a collaboration of ideas.
  • Encourage cooperation among participants.
  • Customizable Workshops
  • Tailor the Topics of Workshop
  • Lab exercises and Supporting Participants workbook.
  • Have flexibility over length and frequency of sessions.
  • Small instructor-participant ratio
  • Weekend workshops to facilitate working professionals.
  • The workshops are aided by audio- visual teaching methodologies demonstrating a professional approach.